Christian White aka cloud_pilot, Dj and music producer from Portsmouth UK has been involved in producing music for quite a few years now, in some way, shape or form. Producing tracks since the early 90's from his parent's garage with friends knocking out crude sounds and heavy beats. Heavily influenced by the likes of The Advent, Joey Beltram, CJ Bolland and Hard Floor to name but a few. After a time, Christian developed a keen interest in the more down tempo and glitchy beat style that helped him bring out a more creative side to his music, still loving the pounding beats, but adding subtle tones to his tracks. Always trying to develop his music, he has expanded into many different genres from Ambient to Dub through to tech House and Techno.Various demos were recorded in 1995/96 under the psudonym, The Ultimate Recluse. A fair amount of interest was taken in the recordings, but nothing much came from them.

Christian later reinvented himself as cloud_pilot which was originally the name for his ambient tracks, but since his debut release, 'Recluse' a techno track released on 'Jssst Records' from the Netherlands, the name has stuck.

He hopes to have many more releases in different styles and genres, always expanding his creativity in the electronic music industry.







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